Our mission is to provide you an one-stop dashboard for browser games. Whether you'd like to reach the next level of your favorite game or discover a new one, if you want to fill a 5-minutes break or plan a game session the whole night, this is the place to start!

Why this service exists?

We love playing browser games. We also love to discover them. However, we noticed that discovering is not always fun. Struggling through endless sites with tons of unrelated content, waiting on preloader ads to finally get a short summary about a game can be very time intensive and annoying. We would rather spend our time playing the games, instead of searching for them. That's why we decided to create a site where users can find games fast and easy!

Fast & easy access
Get relevant information about games lightning fast! No loading of annoying, non-relevant content and banners just to get a short summary about a game.
Ever growing games portfolio
From strategy to simulation, RPG to sports, action to trading cards, fantasy, SCI-FI, Anime, etc. We do our best to provide you an unique games collection you will love!
News, previews, videos, exclusive promotions
Stay up to date with the latest game releases, trailers and promotions.
Mark your favorite games
No more browser bookmarking. Simply set a game as favorite and access it even faster.
Monthly prize draws
We reward active members. Every month we give out prizes to say thank you for membership.
No annoying advertising
Hate preload video ads? We too! That's why we removed them totally.

Now enjoy playing!